Residential Fire Damage

Project Owner
Fire Damage

A home fire started by a propane grill on the rear deck of the home. The fire burnt the rear wall of the home and traveled up into the roof truss system. All building material and finishes were removed from the first floor of the home and sections of the finished basement. The entire roof system was removed, and part of the rear wall was reframed.

  • Worked with insurance adjuster to prepare the scope of work
  • Designed roof trusses to meet new insulation code
  • Replaced all the roof trusses using a healed truss and roofing
  • Rewired the home to meet new electrical codes
  • Designed custom kitchen to meet homeowner’s needs
  • Designed new first floor layout of bedrooms and bathrooms to meet homeowner’s needs

Once all materials were on-site or special ordered the project was completed in 6 months.


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