Our collaborative approach to construction is rooted in teamwork, communication, and transparency. Our people are committed to your project from the earliest planning stages, through construction and beyond.

What sets
us apart

BUTZ Approach

Choosing Butz as your Construction Manager is choosing a unique collaborative experience. The Butz approach features many techniques to improve project quality, speed, and economy but it’s the total dedication of our people that sets The Butz Family of Companies apart.  

We deliver successful projects – again and again!

Our breadth of services, depth of staff and unique approach enable us to tailor our program to meet varied needs at the most competitive price. Each client and construction project is unique. Understanding the Owner’s needs and project scope is our priority so we can deliver the most successful project.

Challenging projects need our Innovative Solutions

We are industry leaders in construction innovation. Our in-house Innovation Department focuses on advancing the use of innovative solutions and implements leading technology and lean techniques to projects to maximize value. Technology is used to improve project delivery by seeking value-added solutions to problems. We stimulate a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement that evaluates, develops, and implements new innovative methods and technologies that bring value to our clients. The Innovation Departments works with projects teams to improve their delivery by implementing lean construction principles.

Safety is no

Our Goal: Zero Personal Injury, Zero Property Damage. No phase of our operations is more important than accident prevention.

Expanding or renovating?

Bring Butz onboard early to plan the work. Together we will work the plan.