The best team for your worst disaster.

When disaster strikes, property owners trust the unrivaled expertise of Alvin H. Butz, Inc. and Alexander Building Construction Co. for high-quality repair and restoration services.

  • Over 90 years of unparalleled service working directly with insurance companies on your behalf
  • IICRC Certified & licensed skilled workforce
  • Trusted by insurance companies and property owners
  • Two-hour call response time
  • A U.S. “Top 100 Construction Manager”

Property owners first turn to their insurers after experiencing a devastating damage or loss due to fire, storm, floods, and sinkholes, and they expect a prompt, effective response. Insurance agents and adjusters have relied upon us to meet their Clients’ demands for quick, high-quality repair and restoration service at affordable costs.

The Butz Family of Companies is one of the nation’s top construction management companies, but also has a separate division that is devoted full-time to that kind of service in the Allentown and Central PA offices. Each year, we repair and restore more than 350 damaged properties, ranging in size from a few hundred dollars to multimillion-dollar projects. Those projects include every type of damage, from private residences to schools, offices, nursing homes, dormitories, churches, libraries, amusement parks, garages, warehouses, and industrial plants.

Restoration Services

  • Emergency Disaster Response
  • Full-Service Reconstruction
  • Water Mitigation
  • Fire and Smoke Remediation
  • Sinkholes
  • Board-up
  • Tree Removal
  • Structural Shoring
  • Construction Forensic Analysis
  • Expert Witness & Opinion
  • Historic Restoration

Union Terrace Elementary School

Butz responded to an emergency call at an elementary school where two modular school buildings were damaged by fire.

  • Temporary fencing was installed to secure the property.
  • Debris was cleared and placed in dumpsters. Freon was removed from the wall mounted HVAC units.
  • Plywood was placed over openings to secure the buildings.
  • Demolition permits and DEP information were obtained.
  • Site was demolished down to the asphalt.
  • Building Permits and flood zone approvals obtained.

Butz managed the project through completion when four replacement module buildings were delivered and set.



Cera-Met is a supplier of aluminum investment casting. They supply key components to many companies as well as defense contracts with military. Fire in the foundry devastated this facility. The intense heat buckled the ceiling bar joist, damaged the exterior walls, blew out windows spreading smoke, soot, and water throughout the 50,000 SF facility. The facility was structurally compromised. All the electrical panels were flooded with water. Plumbing lines, gas lines, and other mechanicals needed replacement. The facility was running at full capacity in 10 months with an improved facility.

  • Met with insurance personal and owners to discuss needs and priorities.
  • Established security and identified safety issues and concerns
  • Provided temporary power/tarping to minimize further damages
  • Met with owners and engineers to determine scope of repairs needed
  • Prepared estimate and scope of work.
  • Removed damaged building materials
  • Installed new block, grout, structural lintels
  • Installed new bar joist and structural members
  • Installed new roofing, windows, and doors
  • Prepared interior cleaning and mitigation.
  • New electrical, gas, and HVAC services
  • Painted interior and exterior

Miller Symphony Hall

A water pipe burst on the second floor caused extensive water damage to the second and first floors of an historic entertainment venue, including office spaces, bathrooms, music rooms, ticket booth, bar, and concession areas.

  • Water mitigation and content manipulation
  • Removal and replacement of sub-floors, carpets, vinyl, and hardwood
  • Drywall and plaster repairs throughout
  • Removal and replacement of ceiling tiles
  • Replacement of damaged cabinets and countertops

Residential Sinkhole Repair

Homeowner noticed subsidence activity in the front of their home. The foundation footer, walls and concrete slabs had been affected, compromising the structural integrity of the home. Property was fully restored within 10 months.

  • Worked with engineers to develop an action plan
  • Installed steel beam and cribbing to stabilize the home
  • Removed the front porch, sidewalks, and landscape for drill rig access
  • Staged removal of concrete footer and walls
  • Installed grouting and piers
  • Poured new concrete footers and walls.
  • Built new porch, installed new windows, stonework
  • Installed interior drywall and painted
  • Repaired lawn, sidewalks, and landscaping

Residential Fire Damage

A home fire started by a propane grill on the rear deck of the home. The fire burnt the rear wall of the home and traveled up into the roof truss system. All building material and finishes were removed from the first floor of the home and sections of the finished basement. The entire roof system was removed, and part of the rear wall was reframed.

  • Worked with insurance adjuster to prepare the scope of work
  • Designed roof trusses to meet new insulation code
  • Replaced all the roof trusses using a healed truss and roofing
  • Rewired the home to meet new electrical codes
  • Designed custom kitchen to meet homeowner’s needs
  • Designed new first floor layout of bedrooms and bathrooms to meet homeowner’s needs

Once all materials were on-site or special ordered the project was completed in 6 months.


Residential Storm Damage

A large tree fell on the home during a severe thunderstorm. The fallen tree damaged the rear roof slope including the roof sheathing, soffit, fascia, and gutters. The siding was damaged on the right elevation and rear elevation. The deck railing and sliding door was also damaged.

  • The roof and right gable end of the home was secured during the emergency service
  • Damaged roof sheathing, shingles were replaced
  • Damaged soffit, fascia, and gutters were replaced
  • In addition to the repairs covered by insurance, the homeowner also had the remaining siding replaced

Once all material arrived on-site, the project took two weeks to complete.


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It was true teamwork

“It was true teamwork. The entire team understood all the project goals, objectives and met them with extraordinary ease. And then there’s the pandemic. Once again, all challenges were met head on and overcome. The team was smart, dedicated and kept their promises. “
- Mark Lee, Principal, Sr. Project Architect, GBBN

they set the gold standard on everything they touch

“Personnel were all first class. We would definitely utilize again. We cannot give this group enough credit, they set the gold standard on everything they touch.”
– John Slowik, Former Vice President Treasury,
Olympus Corporation of the Americas

best-qualified people in the industry

“The primary reason for the success of this project is that the Butz organization is staffed with the best-qualified people in the industry who are dedicated to open communication and a collaborative environment.”
- Richard T. Sniscak, Superintendent of Schools,
Parkland School District