Our Goal:
Zero Personal Injury.
Zero Property Damage.

No phase of our operations is more important than accident prevention.


All operations are conducted with planning and care with respect to safety. This culture is fostered by implementing the following initiatives:

  • Safety orientations for all employees
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy
  • Safety huddles
  • Completion of daily “THINK” cards
  • Safety incentives & lunches
  • Safety training & demonstrations
  • COVID-19 safety plans
Alexander stressed safety as a high priority by all and always had an extreme regard for student and staff safety. This was clearly expressed considering that the library was always occupied.
Rick Riccardo
Associate Director Facilities Planning & Construction
The Pennsylvania State University


Regularly scheduled meetings for subcontractors reiterate the importance of safety on the job and offer team members a chance to ask questions and raise concerns for the good of the team. We promote comraderie and communication on the jobsite.


To coincide with OSHA’s annual National Stand-down to Prevent Falls in Construction week, safety stand-downs are held each year at jobsites. Led by safety directors, project teams – including superintendents, foremen, managers, and subcontractors – participate in voluntary meetings focused on fall hazards and how workers can take steps to eliminate fall risks. Positive reinforcement events like these and the commitment to safety by our employees have earned The Butz Family of Companies a reputation for upholding the highest safety standards on the projects it manages.


PtD is the concept of applying methods to minimize occupational hazards early in the design process, with an emphasis on optimizing employee health and safety throughout the life cycle of materials and processes. The concept supports the view that along with quality, program, and cost, safety is determined during the design stage.

By including both experienced design and construction professionals in the process, we challenge our design teams to “design out” health and safety risks during design development of each project. This results in design enhancements, with little to no cost to the project.


At Pattee Library, our team collaborated with the owner, designers, and subcontractors to implement PtD concepts. We launched a PtD incentive program for subcontractors who reported PtDs, used a tracking sheet, and held weekly safety meetings.

Some PtD strategies include:

  • Involving entire team early in design
  • Use lessons learned from previous projects
  • Conduct page turns and virtual review with maintenance and custodial staff to identify potential concerns
  • Use PtD as a tool to help promote safety culture on jobsite
  • Provide incentives for subcontractors developing PtD ideas
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